Aims and actions

Aims of the Federal Equal Opportunities Programme for Dual Career Couples (DCC)

There are many couples where both members wish to pursue a career without giving up their private-life relationship. Based on this fact, the Federal Equal Opportunities Programme has the following two main aims:

=> Harmonious integration of researcher couples

The aim is to facilitate smooth integration of both members of dual career couples (DCC), so that these couples remain in Switzerland durably, in order to promote research excellence in Switzerland.

=> An increase in female representation in the academic sector

The programme encourages women researchers from the upcoming generation to continue their academic career. Researchers are more likely to accept a position of responsibility when they can be sure their partner will also find a job that meeting his or her expectations.

DCC offices in the universities

DCC (Dual Career Couples) offices have been set up by the Equal Opportunity Offices of the universities of French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland. They are managed locally (see list of contacts below). They provide information and advice to the partners of researchers and teaching staff recently hired in universities.

These offices were willing to have a regional project that would foster synergy between the different institutions and expand the range of opportunities offered to DCC couples. Regional coordination ensures that the actions carried out are consistent, handles the inter-university DCC requests, manages the communication and awareness-raising campaigns (conferences, seminars) to increase knowledge and awareness of the importance of dual careers management.
The contact persons for each university are:

Aims and actions

The Career2 programme provides support to couples wishing to pursue a dual career in Switzerland. We use a personalized approach that allows you to get information about your professional integration prospects in Switzerland.

The Career2 programme aims to become a platform working to improve:

  • the welcoming of couples and their families;
  • international mobility in universities;
  • professional integration in Switzerland;
  • promotion of women’s careers.

As a couple, when one of the two partners pursues an academic career, the other one has the possibility of being assisted in his/her work integration initiatives in the private or academic sector.